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A safe space and place to explore and unpack the biggest questions of our time to see where the conversations and connections may take us.

I founded it in Bristol in 2009 when I got bored with the limitation of traditional networking to satiate my soul’s deeper longing for real connections and more curious conversations. 

I devised the format when a trusted contact wisely suggested I give up the need to control things and instead make it self-selecting and self-organising, and infinitely the better for it. 

We explored and unpacked over 120 ‘big ideas’ across 8 years including vulnerability, mindfulness, reinventing organisations, the law attraction and skilful communications.

It gratifyingly became known by many as being one of the best ‘networking’ groups in Bristol despite being set up as a kind of ‘anti-networking’ group in protest!

But had to pause it in July 2017 to allow me to explore and unpack some my own big life questions, knowing I wasn’t done with it yet but not knowing when I would revisit it…

Until now.

CURIOUS CONVERSATIONS… Restarting again in 2023 in Stroud.
Repurposed, repositioned & re-energised.

No more holding back.

Unlike previously when I would pick ‘big ideas’ at random to provoke interesting, often abstract conversations from which to essentially build better business connections…

I’m curious what would happen if we were to create the safe space necessary to explore and unpack the ‘biggest questions’ of our time that the world so clearly lacks and needs, to see where those more meaningful conversations and connections could really take us…

Personally, professionally, playfully and politically.

Brexit? The environment? Education? AI? Race? Religion? Equality? 

How about we try to unpack some of those big ideas, together?

With genuine curiosity, love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of our differences.

With no need to agree but simply to better understand, explore, relate and connect.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, sign up yourself for event invites and be the first to know when, where and on what big idea we’re going to jump back in with first.  

Hope to see you there.

Ryan James
Founder, coach & facilitator

P.s. Feel free to email me with any curious questions, ideas or encouragement you might have: [email protected]

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